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What are some of the main materials of hardfacing wear-resisting plate?

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In the current market, surfacing wear plate is relatively popular, will replace the traditional wear-resisting material development, superior product performance, the main reason is that at the same time also to have the traditional wear-resisting material does not have the compatibility, just the elbow also has all kinds of different materials, so these materials have what advantage?

Cast stone, the material of surfacing welding wear-resisting plate easy to broken, easy to wear and tear, thickness is estimated at about 25 mm to 35 mm, in a short period of time will be delay membrane rupture, wear after the powder in the external will gradually narrowed, because internal often have holes, they leave the hidden danger, after the wear and tear, the scene of the managers generally have no way to repair, so it has been known gradually give up, there are also some user can directly select performance of comparative advantage of the ceramic bend, has excellent wear resistance, not easy to appear damage phenomenon.

Cast steel material can also ACTS on the wear resistance of surfacing welding wear-resisting board has a relatively simple in the field of manufacturing tools, but because of the particularity of the method of material itself, and the blame of the surface of the steel hardness is generally much lower than the ceramic surface hardness, and the equivalent wear resistance of ceramics is just only 1/10 of his, so this one has a higher carbon content of the elbow, started to get everybody's attention. However, because the operation site also needs to carry out welding, which will bring some difficulty.

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