Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene roller

Product name : Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene roller
Product model : φ89.
Product No. : TG02

Ultra-high polymer belt idler is a new generation patented product developed by our company which consists of roller skin, bearing, sealing component and steel shaft. The patented core sealing technology of this product isolates the bearing from contact with the outside world and prevents it from being polluted. Each idler is made of superior materials to ensure that the ex-factory idler is of high quality.

The roller tube body is extruded from pure ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material with a molecular weight higher than 3.5 million and has good daily lubricity, abrasion resistance and aging resistance.

Bearing adopts HRB, LYC, SKF, NSK and other well-known manufacturers at home and abroad to ensure service life. Seals are injection molded from modified and innovative materials to withstand various harsh working conditions.

Ultra-high polymer idler can prolong the service life of equipment, save energy and effectively improve the working environment. It has been widely used in transportation systems of coal, cement, steel, electricity, chemical industry, coking and other industries. It is an ideal replacement product for steel idler of belt transportation machinery.

Non-metallic roller(图1)

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