Coke tank liner

Product name : Coke tank liner
Product model : Customized production
Product No. : CB02

In view of the overall national strategy of energy conservation and environmental protection, the current domestic coking plants have gradually transformed from wet quenching production methods to dry quenching production processes. The CDQ coke tank is one of the important production equipment, used for the transfer and lifting of coke between the coke oven and the CDQ. In terms of shape, it can be divided into square coke tank and round coke tank.

Application conditions

CDQ tank liner-wear-resistant liner

The working temperature range of the liner in the coke dry quenching tank: 950-1050℃ under heavy load, and the liner is exposed to the air under no load. Heavy load and no load alternate every 10 minutes, and the temperature of the lining board is close to the atmospheric temperature during equipment maintenance. It is necessary to withstand the temperature of the liner close to the atmospheric temperature when the coke falls. It not only has to withstand the greater impact caused by the falling of coke, but also must have severe high temperature wear on the liner when the coke falls, and at the same time face severe cold and heat alternate and high temperature oxidation conditions.

Introduction to past application materials and problems

A. The lining board of coke tank at home and abroad basically adopts heat-resistant cast steel ZG35Cr24Ni7SiN.

B. The service life is short. The service life of the severely worn parts such as the door panel of the square coke tank and the lower three inner liners, the door panel of the round coke tank and the cone section liner is only about 3-6 months. Especially in the coke oven, the head coke and the tail coke are impenetrable and easy to adhere to the liner in the burning state, resulting in extremely low life of the liner at the bonding position, which is only 1-2 months.

C. In the face of the strong impact and abrasion of high-temperature coke, the liner is deformed and cracks are more serious. This will aggravate the deformation of the coke tank and affect the overall service life of the coke tank.

Brief introduction of our company's nano ceramics program

The base material of the CDQ liner is rare earth heat-resistant steel with nano-ceramics. The nano-ceramic materials can withstand high temperatures above 1450 ℃, have extremely high high temperature strength, and have high wear resistance, and will not adhere to Fully burned coke. Overcome the defects of heat-resistant cast steel in coke tank lining.

Product advantages

1. Long life: The service life is 2-4 times longer than the original material.

2. Protect the tank body: greatly reduce the maintenance time, save labor costs, and can well protect the tank body and improve the service life of the tank body.

3. Excellent cost performance: With good cost performance, it can bring huge cost savings to customers, and the cost performance can be increased by more than 20%.

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